Set Fire

from by Krysti Subieta

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When you hit rock bottom, the phoenix rises.


Set Fire
© 2013 Krystine "Sira" Subieta

As he put the cigarette out on his arm
He knew this would be the last time
He felt the familiar burn
Though he performed the routine a thousand times
This time there would be no tomorrow

Untie me from these chains of flesh
My heart grows weary from the
Finite capacity of sight
I wanna know you
Fiddle away your fife and
Stow away your knife
At fair you'll be the man you wanna be

Absinthe in your eyes, demons in disguise
On the road you'll be at peace
Lovely as a child's secrets in your files
Deep throat the key
Can't afford to wait we'll depreciate
Be not prey to his sordid intentions
Put your mind at ease
Swing on your trapeze
Smoke the bongo drum

You can't break me
You can't break me

Set fire to this body
Set fire to this worn out flesh
and consume me
Set fire to this body
Oh set fire to this putrid mess
And release me

Effortlessly, effortlessly
Am I asleep? Am I asleep?
You can't break me
You can't break me down
No you can't fool me
I've been here
Far too long

Absinthe in your eyes
Demons in disguise
Purge the paint from Carnie's face
Love without a care, try it if you dare
Feel the warm embrace
Can't afford to wait, we'll depreciate
Be not slave to his angling intentions
See in stereo, chanting as we go
Liberate your mind

Set fire to this body (Effortlessly, effortlessly)
set fire to this worn out flesh (Am I asleep?)
And consume me (Am I asleep?)
Set fire to this body (You can't break me, you can't break me down)
Oh set fire to this worn out flesh (you can't fool me, I've been here)
And release me (far too long)

Set fire, fire, fire to this body
Oh...the phoenix burns within me

Just look away from the sun


from Find Yourself, released January 23, 2016
Krysti Subieta - vocals, piano, percussion, clarinet, bass, MIDI;

Songwriter/Composer: Krysti Subieta
Producers: Krysti Subieta
Mixing: Krysti Subieta
Mastering: Kyle Hayes
Production Studios: Subieta Studios
Recording Studios: Subieta Studios
Publisher: Spirit Voice Publishing
Recording Location: Austin, TX, USA



all rights reserved


Krysti Subieta Austin, Texas


Krysti's music is influenced greatly by her spirituality and engineering background. Electro-pop and rock music of the 60s - 90s excited her. Daughter of Bolivian immigrants, she adds flavor to her originals with Latin, Reggae, and Celtic influences. A vocal powerhouse and multi-instrumentalist, Krysti's goal is to heal mental illnesses with music. ... more

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